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CHRONOLOGICAL LIST (from first to latest)

Aug 2018 Leaps of Faith (Life lessons from skydiving)

Sep 2018 Resilience – Reflections on the Swissair Tragedy (Twenty years after)

Sep 2018 A Lunenburg Sketch-About (Lessons on painting – and life)

Oct 2018 Trekking to Mount Everest – Goals and Intentions  (Nepal, 2013)

Nov 2018 Thoughts for Remembrance Day (Holland, 1941 and 2018)

Dec 2018 Comfort and Joy – Wartime Version (Christmas in the former Yugoslavia)

Jan 2019 In Moses’ Footsteps: Glimpses of the Promised Land (Mount Nebo in Jordan)

Feb 2019 Lowering Flags at Wagah Crossing  (On the Pakistan-India border)

Mar 2019 Hanoi – Reflections on the “American War” (and a compelling work of art)

Apr 2019 Camino de Santiago – On the Frontier Between Faith and Culture

May 2019 Beyond Words – Reflections on Tai Shan  (A Chinese pilgrimage)

Jun 2019 Istanbul – A feast for the imagination and senses

Jul 2019 Being Human on the Moon (The 1969 Moon landing)

Aug 2019 Nautical Royalty and the Migrant Experience (Immigrating by sea, 1953)

Sep 2019 Ship Strikes – A Whales’ Eye View (On a Cold War submarine patrol)

Oct 2019 From Baalbek to Beirut – It’s a Small World (Lebanon, 2018)

Nov 2019 Opening the Iron Curtain – Germany 1989 (Reflections 30 years later)

Dec 2019 A Mountain in Tibet – the Kailash Kora (2019)

Jan 2020 Deadly Echoes – Talks in Tehran, 2004 (Ukranian Airlines 752)

Feb 2020 Days of Our Youth – Trans-Canada Airlines and Malton Airport

Mar 2020 Prince(s) of Wales – San Diego, California (On meeting Prince Charles)

Apr 2020 The Pangolin Strikes Back (Thoughts on the Pandemic)

May 2020 Virus – The Movie (Film-making in Halifax, 1980)

Jun 2020 A James Bond Moment in Pakistan (Gwadar, 2008)

Jul 2020 Summer Re-Boot (A pause in posts)

Sep 2020 Tibetan Pilgrimage – A Story Map (Tibet, 2019)

Oct 2020 Thou shalt not covid… (The coronavirus in Nova Scotia)

Nov 2020 Transcending Fundamentalism – The Lahore Literary Festival  (Pakistan, 2015)

Dec 2020 Cultures of Honour and Shame – Cairo, 1998

Jan 2021 A Musical Interlude on Camino – Spain 2016

Feb 2021 Finding Private Johnston – Paardeberg, South Africa

Mar 2021 Holy Cow(s)! – Delhi, India (An unfortunate accident, 2003)

Apr 2021 Êtes-vous un écrivain? – France, 2016

May 2021 The Case of the Disappearing Island: Bay of Bengal, 2009

June 2021 Sabbaticals

September 2021 Message to a Young Muslim – 2001 (After the “9/11” attacks)

October 2021 Mi’kmaw Feasts at Kjipuktuk (Halifax)

November 2021 Remembrance Day – Kiel, 1989

December 2021 Snakes in the Cave – Batu, Malaysia 2018

January 2022 Sable Island’s Lonesome Pine

February 2022 Accidental Adventures – Kazakhstan, 2008

March 2022 Portents of Putin’s Ukraine War – Halifax, 1993 (A Russian naval visit)

April 2022 Rhyming Conflicts – Yugoslavia (1992) / Ukraine (2022) (Ultranationalists and the far-right)

May 2022 Rhyming Conflicts II – South Atlantic to Black Sea  (Falklands War 40 years later)

June 2022 Sharing the Wealth – Nepal 2013 (Reflections on a bus ride out of Kathmandu)

July 2022 Kana’ta Day 2022 (Canada Day in Halifax 2022)

September 2022 The Hejaz Railway: Syria to Jordan, 2001 

October 2022  Operation “Pony Express – 1953 (Televising Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in Canada)

November 2022 Aircraft Carrier vs. Submarine – Exercise RIMPAC 1972

December 2022 Debate Tibetan Style – 2019  (A visit to Sera Monastery)

New Years Eve 2022   Death on St Sava’s Day – “Republika Srpska”, January 1993  (Responding to “ethnic cleansing” in Yugoslavia)

February 2023   Epiphany at a Fire Temple – Baku, Azerbaijan, 2007 (Zoroastrians and the Christmas story)

March 2023. “Living Goddesses” – Kathmandu, 2019. (The kumari custom in Nepal)